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PVC Coated webbing

PVC Coated webbing available in Gloss and Satin black finish.




The PVC coating comes in two basic types Regular and Soft. Each is available in Gloss, Satin  finishes. All resins are UV stabilized for NZ conditions. For practical purposes the regular coatings are generally stocked in a gloss finish with a small colour range.  Soft coatings are stocked in all finishes and a range of colours.
Any combination not immediately available can be produced at short notice.

The Core Tapes

Made by Webbing and Tapes REM ltd to exacting specifications, the regular core tape is produced to allow maximum penetration of the coating, producing a fully integrated web for superior tensile strength, abrasion resistance and durability. A heavy duty tape is available for webs used in more rugged applications.  A recent addition is a fine tape for areas requiring a more even, less ridgy appearance.  While not as integrated as the regular finishes the strength is ample for a variety of special equestrian applications.

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