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Shadetex 320 – premium commercial grade shadecloth


Shadetex 320® is a commercial grade shadecloth fabric manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament and tapefilament. All filament (or yarn) is lockstitch knitted together providing a very high strength fabric. Shadetex 320® is then heat set, this not only improves dimensional stability and consistency but ensures that it will lay flat during fabrication.

Shadetex 320® is ideal for small to medium size applications where a premium grade shade fabric is required. Each colour in the range is made up of only one colour filament, this provides consistent colour and texture throughout the entire roll.

Shadetex 320® not only offers a very high level of UV protection with 91% – 95% block, but is made up of UV stabilised material this ensures that your fabric will continue to perform even after years of exposure to the elements. The super tough abrasion resistant yarn means excellent durability and longevity with great resistance to grime, mildew and dirt.

Shadetex 320® is a 100% recyclable textile.



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